My projects



I am currently working on "React," which I am using as my school 20 Time project. The site has a sort of "Games for Good" narrative, allowing you to play games to test your skills in certain areas. You can read more about the development of the site in my 20 time blog. Access the site here.


Since I can't put "fun" games on React, I have started working on another game site, DawgGames, that will have all the classic "game site" style games. The site is not up yet but will be soon. I'd really like to have alot of multiplayer aspects on this site. This shouldn't be that hard, with how efficient is, but any sort of netcode is always hard.
Some goals for this site:


Any Steam game

After I finish these sites, I'd like to work on some sort of Steam game with my refreshed programming knowledge. Most likely made in unity. Multiplayer ideally, but the cost upfront for that is huge.